Our Projects

IKOTAK Cable Factory Site

Iran Khodro Site

Bafgh Project, Yazd Province

Tehran District 3 Municipality Project

Karaj Electricity Distribution Company Site

Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company Site

Sistan and Baluchistan Project

Zamyad Company Site

Pars Khodro Site

Asaluyeh Site

Mega motor Site

Kian Residential Building

Construction of Office and Residential Complexes

Hakimiyeh industrial office building

Construction at Payam Airport

Baghiat-Allah University of Medical Sciences Site

Ben Ro Saipa Company Site

Raja Rail Transport Company Site

Megan Production Line Disassembly Project

Pars Khodro Site – H200Project

Sistan and Baluchistan Electricity Distribution Company

Development of Industries and Components Site

Payam Airport Site

Installation and Performance of Electric types of Equipment in Kashan Site

Pars Khodro Site(2017-2019)

Saipa Automotive Industry Research and Innovation Center development plan site

Saipa Press company site

Pars Gostar Nizar Industrial Estate Company site