Civil-Urban Installations

Building facilities

Mechanics include:

– Plumbing of water, sewage, gas, ventilation (metal, polyethylene, PVC, new pipe), steam, compressed air
– construction and installation of air ducts
– installation of engine room equipment including steam boilers, spa boilers, condensation and absorption chillers, condensers air, cooling towers, all kinds of ground and linear pumps, and fire extinguishing.
– Installation of heating and cooling packages, and all kinds of compressors.

Electricity includes:

– Installation of all kinds of steel and PVC pipes, trays, cable ladders, and bus ducts
– Wiring and cabling
– Design, supply, and installation of fire alarms, warning, control systems, closed circuit cameras, paging, lighting equipment
– Designing, supplying, and installing all kinds of PLC boards and precision instrument equipment
– Installation and commissioning of electrical equipment in industrial factories

Urban Facilities

– Oil and gas transmission and distribution network
– Water transmission and sewage collection network
– Construction of electricity distribution networks
– Construction of electric substations
– Construction of street and area lighting
– Construction of telecommunication networks