Karaj Electricity Distribution Company Site

– Client: West Electricity Distribution Company of Tehran Province

– Contract manager: distribution companies in different regions of Karaj. Mena Consulting Engineers Co.

  • KV 20 extension cable, the output of KV 63 post with 1*185 medium pressure cable
  • Installation of more than 30 electrical substations and construction of kilometers of power transmission lines in the areas of West Karaj, East Karaj, Shahryar, and Saujblag.
  • Modification and optimization of electricity distribution networks in different areas of Karaj.
  • Construction of medium-pressure and low-pressure network and medium-pressure cabling and installation of Bilqan water intake air station.
  • Construction of KV 20 network, low-pressure network, and installation of an aerial post in Akram Abad and Ali Abad Shahryar villages.
  • Construction of 11 km low-pressure network in Saujblag.
  • Construction of medium and weak pressure networks in Taleghan villages (Geteh-Darabi-Grab).
  • Construction and equipment of 20 kV ground substation and passage substation of Sazeh Gostar Saipa Company located on Qazvin highway.
  • Construction and equipment of telecommunication ground post located in Kamalshahr Karaj.
  • Construction of telecommunication cabling in Shahid Abad, Shahriar.
  • Design, supervision and execution of electrical installations of Gelatin Capsule Company located in Shahryar.
  • Design, supervision and implementation of electrical installations of Lale Computer Company located in Shahryar