Ziyagostar Engineering Company, which is active in the field of providing engineering services, with the aim of improving the quality of services and gaining a greater share of the domestic market and increasing the level of satisfaction of employers, considers itself obligated and committed to provide its services in a way that all The stakeholders of the organization should be fully satisfied and have complete confidence in the name and reputation of the organization. We believe that in order to comply with the requirements and gain customer satisfaction, we provide quality products and services that match the demands, expectations and tastes of consumers, relying on the following:

  • Knowing and fully understanding the needs of customers and trying to provide them in order to increase their satisfaction.
  • Continuous training and promotion of human resources in order to increase their level of knowledge and awareness as valuable resources of the organization
  • Increasing the efficiency and improving the performance of the organization in order to reduce the time of providing services to customers
  • Increasing the volume of activities in the domestic market and improving the position of the organization among competitors and trying to be present in international markets.
  • Promotion and expansion of the quality culture by improving the awareness of employees in the field of quality
  • Process orientation and risk-based management, knowledge-based, continuous improvement, increasing profitability, appropriate response to customer complaints, improving the quality management system, optimizing costs and increasing employee safety.

Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, Zia Gostar Company has chosen the IMS Management Systems standard as a model and all the personnel of the organization consider themselves committed to its implementation. All the employees are obliged to act diligently and responsibly while understanding the quality policy and the customer’s requirements, in respect of the quality in carrying out the tasks assigned in their field of operation.

The management representative in the quality management system, while trying to maintain the system and monitor its performance, reports its effectiveness at appropriate times and in management review meetings so that the necessary measures are taken to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.