Pars Khodro Site(2017-2019)

Executive operations of the construction of the pit building for the assembly and retouching hall equipment of the SP0 project of Pars Khodro Company

Client: Saipa Development Engineering Company

Executive operations of the centralized retouching art salon system of Pars Khodro Company

Client: Pars Khodro Company

Contract Manager: Saipa Development Engineering Company Carrying out the design and implementation of the construction of a new building for civil and energy engineering

Client: Pars Khodro company Implementation of all annual building operations, mechanical and electrical installations (with materials) in Pars Khodro company premises in 1996 and 1997

Client: Pars Khodro Company

The executive operations of the building and mechanical and electrical facilities are:

Construction of all metal structures including: production line structures, production and non-production side buildings, metal stands for mechanical and electrical facilities, three-dimensional workspace structures and sheds

Construction of all buildings with brick and stone construction materials, such as the construction of rooms, walling of production and non-production areas and spaces.

Construction of all buildings with prefabricated materials such as sandwich panels, and wooden and glass partitions.

Landscaping includes: the construction of Abro and Kanivu canals, trenches, and asphalt along with substructure, green spaces, fencing and table drawing.

Painting with materials such as oil paint, acrylic paints, cellulose coatings, multi-color and similar.

Interior decoration of spaces with materials such as: wall and ceiling coverings made of wood and MDF, Armstrong false ceilings, Dampa, PVC, plaster of leaves and similar, PVC flooring, plaster of leaves and similar, PVC flooring, Wooden and laminate parquets, Lourdrape curtains and similar, preparation and construction of wooden and MDF tables and cupboards.

Supply and manufacture of metal, aluminum and UPVC doors and windows.

Carrying out all electrical and mechanical installation works described in the price list

Preparation and execution of all types of insulation work with new insulations for pipes, channels and…