Zamyad Company Site

– Client: Zamiad company

– Contract Manager: Seiko Company

Supplying and installing electrical equipment and precision tools for the truck production hall

The works implemented in this project are as follows:

A: Installation and commissioning of the electrical facilities of the new Zamiyad substation, including:

– Preparation and installation of 3 transformer devices

– Cabling about 5 km, medium pressure cable, 150*1

– Preparation and installation of 35 low pressure main distribution boards

– Preparation and installation of a UPS device

– Cabling of about 9 km of weak pressure cables

B: Installation and start-up and electrical installations of the truck production hall including:

– Installation of distribution boards, installation of wall boards, construction and installation of support

– Tray installation, lighting installation.

– Installation of air conditioner panels, low-pressure cabling, installation and commissioning

-Fire alarm, sound system and telephone

C: Installation and commissioning of truck production line automation system including:

– Installation of PLC panel

– Installation of operation boards and terminal boxes

– Installation of emergency stop signs

– Installation of various sensors (limit switch – photo switch – proxy switch


– Setting up the automation system

Reconstruction of electrical equipment and precision tools in the production hall

This project includes the preparation, installation and commissioning of electrical facilities as well

The automation system in Hall 2000 was Zamyad company (truck production).