God bless Engineer Syamak Rezaee Amiri, The Founder of Ziagostar Engineering Company

ZIAGOSTAR Engineering Company

With a Third of a Century of Experience

ZiaGostar Engineering Company was established in April 1989 in the Tehran Companies Registration Office under number 74234 with the aim of serving the industry and striving for the development of the country, and from the very beginning in the field of designers, supervision, and implementation of electrical projects and its efforts started. Mechanic showed. Due to the increase in working capacity and technology level and gaining a larger share of domestic market activities, it also developed in the field of buildings. Due to the rise in the volume of projects, this company managed to receive the qualification certificate for 2 facilities and equipment and 4 buildings from the plan and budget.
The program faces an environment where the pace of change and uncertainty of success are more significant than ever, including globalization, rapid technological change, and economic entanglement. In such an environment, despite the fact that the business environment is in turmoil due to global fluctuations and numerous problems of industrial and economic enterprises, it requires agility and innovation development, which are always targeted by the organization’s competitive strategies.
In continuation of the goals and strategies, Ziagostar Engineering Company has developed Faraz Aria Holding (public share) in relation to investing in venture capital companies. Currently, the capital of the holding is 1.200 billion Rials, and Ziagostar Engineering Company has 50% of its ownership, which is widely involved in the production of machine and copper wire and cable, investment in land and construction, and domestic and foreign trade. The chart describes the structure.

Fields of Activity

Power Transmission Lines

Construction of distribution and super distribution lines, street and area lighting, installation of various electricity distribution stations

Civil-Urban Installations

Construction of water, sewage, oil, gas, and telecommunication transmission networks and installation and commissioning of industrial, office, and residential mechanical and electrical facilities


Design and construction of industrial, office and residential buildings, both concrete and metal

Latest Projects