IKOTAK Cable Factory Site

Preparation, construction, and installation of 3000 square meters of shed in a land area of 6120 square meters along with 240 square meters of administrative and security building.

– Employer: IKOTAK Company

The building includes:

Leveling and excavating 6120 square meters of factory area, excavating foundations, executing foundations, preparing and installing 150 tons of steel frame, 1150 square meters of wall covering, 3000 square meters of shed floors, 3000 square meters of roof covering with steel sheet, preparation and implementation of 240 square meters of administrative and security building and…

Mechanical and electrical installations include:

All operations of gas piping, compressed air piping, equipment cooling system piping, etc.
All lighting system operations, provision and installation of trays and supports, and relevant cabling
Installation and operation of all machines including copper rod machine, aluminum rod machine, 8 extruders, 10 fine machines, 2 gas and electric furnaces, 1 steam room, 4 buncher machines, and…