Payam Airport Site

Infrastructure facilities in the 56-hectare area of Payam Airport’s special economic zone

– Employer: Payam Air Services Company
– Consultant: Ayman Rah Consulting Engineers Company

This project was defined based on the infrastructure facilities of 40 hectares, after which another 56 hectares were added to it and the implementation of the project was notified to this company. The activities carried out in this project are as follows:

Landscaping (roads and sidewalks)

Excavation operations with a volume of 120,000 m3, leveling, decoupage, implementation of sub-base and base for 5500 meters of streets, as well as sidewalk construction and tabulation in the area of 56 hectares. All the activities of this project in the field of electricity, water, sewage, gas and telecommunication networks are according to the 40-hectare area.

Establishment of the construction area of 40 plots of the special economic zone of Payam airport

– Employer: Payam Air Services Company

– Consultant: Armanshahr Consulting Engineers Company

Electricity network: LV and MV + substation of MV ground networks (single-circuit and double-circuit overhead line, LV power network including the lighting network of all passages and electrification to subscribers)

Water network: blue polyethylene and steel pipes in sizes 200 and 400 mm, installation of fire hydrant valves and related concrete foundation

Pipe network: double-walled polyethylene pipes in sizes 160 to 500mm, construction of concrete manholes with manholes, implementation of all sloped operations in executive plans.

Gas network: gas polyethylene pipes in the sizes of 25 to 160 mm, installation of gas valves in the designated routes, implementation of concrete manholes.

Telecommunication network: implementation of a telecommunication network with 50 to 500 pairs of jelly field cable, implementation of jelly field cable pipes, installation, and commissioning of O.N.U box.