Installation and Performance of Electric types of Equipment in Kashan Site

Client: Saypa Co.

This project consists of main power substations. These substations are, color saloons, passages, montage and body .All of these parts are 54 cell ( 2 kv) , 70 LV cells, and 25 transformator (2000 kva) with wiring LV & MV cables.

Construction of poer substations of body montage and passage saloons:

Constructions action consists of complete construction execution (topography, fondation , metallic constructive execution and architecture).
Poer installation consist: lightening and cabinet installations and earthing system

Earth system of body and montage
saloons :

Provide and install anti-lightning in all saloons, execution of ring in earth, execution of cadweld, installation of cooper glasses, and also complete
execution of earthing systems.

Color saloon process :

 Installation of all process equipments (process cabinet and electric equipment)

Running system that consists of these actions: function, loop check, signal check, I/O check and runnig PLC below supervision of an Italian
company ( GEI Co) is done.