Pars Khodro Site

Supply and installation of electrical equipment and precision tools in the assembly hall and L90 body of Pars Khodro company.

– Client: Pars Khodro Company

– Contract Manager: Seiko Company

This project includes earthing system, lightning arrester, fire alarm, telephone, paging, general and local and emergency lighting, and about 70 km of cabling, as well as main post office equipment.

The approximate area of the hall is about 65000 square meters and it is located in Pars Khodro company.

The main activities performed in three parts are as follows:


1- About 1 km of bus duct 1000 and 1600 amps in 9 parts of the body hall

2- About 200 tons of support and 15 km of trays in different sizes.

3- About 100 km of cable laying in different sizes.

4- Installation of 50 lighting wall panels

5- Installation of about 2000 fluorescent and industrial lights General and local lighting systems.

Accurate process and tools:

1- Installation of 260 fixed and mobile welding point devices.

2- Installation of 35 ligament devices

3- Installation of sensors and precision instruments

4- About 30 Km of cable laying of control cables


1- Installation of 11 KVA 1600 and KVA 2000 transformers

2- Installation of 70 medium and low pressure panel cells.

3- 20 Km of medium and weak pressure cable laying.

Supply and installation of electrical equipment and precision tools for Pride 141 body production hall.

The approximate area of this hall is about 6500 square meters. This production line consists of 78 trans welding machines and 90 spot welding machines and 4 ligature machines for greater ease, accuracy and speed in production. 2 power transformers with a capacity of 1600 KVA have been installed in this hall to feed the electrical equipment and devices.

Preparation and execution of KV20 cabling of KV63 post outputs of Pars Khodro Company:

This project was to increase the amperage of the power plant, station 2 and hall 1. For this project, about 20 km of cable laying has been done with medium pressure cables of 1*185 and 1*150.

Installation of electrical equipment and lighting of centralized color hall – lighting of post 63 – concrete source and purification house

The works implemented in this project are as follows:

A: Installation and start-up of electrical facilities of power substation No. 1 and 2 including:

– Installation and commissioning of 10 1600 KVA transformers

– Installation and operation of 17 medium pressure cells and 57 low pressure cells

– Installation and commissioning of 7 KVAR 500 capacitor bank cells

– Cabling around 5 km of medium pressure cable and 15 km of low pressure cable

B: Installation and start-up of the electrical installations of the centralized paint salon, including:

– Installation of 45 public distribution boards and lighting

– Installing 8 km of cable ladders of different sizes

– Installation of 6000 moonlight lamps and mercury vapor hall

– Construction and installation of 170 tons of support

C: Installation and layout of precision instrument equipment including:

– Installation and commissioning of various sensors such as limit switch, Photoswitch, proxy switch, pressure switch and transmitter, level switch

– Installation and commissioning of all types of Control Valves

– Installation and commissioning of relevant control panels (terminal box, operation box, emergency stop, etc.)

D: Installation and commissioning of the fire alarm system, telephone paging.

And: installation and start-up of the electrical installations of the motor house, including:

– Installation of 3 boilers – Installation of 2 chiller devices

– Installation and commissioning of electric motors from 15 to 75 kw

– Installation of cable ladder