Pars Khodro Site – H200Project

Executive operations of disassembly, packing and transportation of H200 line control and automation boards from Saipa company and evacuation, transfer, assembly and start-up of said boards at Pars Khodro site.

Client: Saipa Development Engineering Company

Disassembly, packaging, relocation, opening and reassembly of all electrical and control equipment of Saipa Brilliance H200 car body production line including:

Taking a backup of the PLC, HMI and robots software in the production line

Disassembly, packing and transportation of power supply and line control panels and assembly in the new location as follows:

Separating the cover from the power and control boards and operators in quantity

Packing and transporting the aforementioned boards to the new location of the project

Installing the signs in the new place and reconnecting their cables

Dismantling of all cables, including power, feeding, control and production line network

Labeling the existing and installed cable trays and disassembling and collecting them and transferring them to the new location of the project and re-installing them as they were before.

Billeting electrical and control plans with EPLAN software, as well as preparing trays and cables in CAD environment.

Complete installation of the system in the new location of the project

Reteach robots (4 devices) in the new location of the project

Control maps with new installation status

The presence of 1 specialist for 3 months and during the entire production time to solve the possible problem of the line

Training of repair personnel and net employer

Preparation of documents and documents in the form of a hard copy map of all electrical maps as well as cable laying and tray installation plans.

Executive operations of mechanical and electrical facilities of the H200 project of Pars Khodro company

Client: Saipa Development Engineering Company